scribble of random thoughts

Since I started to ride my bike, this January was the month that I have ridden the least. It was my first time that I haven’t ridden for 5 days straight. My motivation fluctuates in about 1 to 2 months for anything I do like studying, and the same goes for cycling. But I guess it’s not normal to be motivated all year around either.

The possible things that make me feel like not riding so much are
 The weather and temperature
 There were not much races (though they suddenly popped up last week)
 The time it takes to dress up and go outside
 The daytime is short
 The stress that I feel when I need to study for tests
 Other 1st year guys are not that motivated
 We don’t compete as much on Saturday
 After meeting my friends from middle school I questioned myself if it was okay to just keep on cycling (not that I have anything else to do)

That is all I can come up for now. I am amazed at the 2nd and 3rd year members, for how consistent they are, but for the 1st year members, I don’t things are going so well (or so I feel). I know that I will regret not riding and need to do something about it. For now, the most important thing is to get my credits, so I will study until the 30th and aim for about 1 hour on the bike a day. After that I will try to get my drivers license as fast as possible.

Though my first year of cycling has not ended yet, I think I have a lot to learn from it. I realized how winter can make the difference of how good of a cyclist you are because it takes so much will to consistently ride.

My goal is to take part in the intercollegiate race or whatever you call it in my second year. I hope it is not too late and I will try harder to study and cycle from today.