05/29~06/04 Month Recap: On Sustainable Training and Bike Dumbness

It has been quite a month, some ups and downs but finally down to equilibrium. I still need to have a better structure for my study hours, but at least this pace of training has proved to be sustaineable without taking too much study focus, at least for a month now. Thus, I'm happy with the results. 

I probably overdid this week, but good to know I am keeping up with the habits. After a sleepless and stressed third week, got 2 days rest on monday and tuesday, which effectively helped me recover not only on the physical side, but also for my sleep schedule. It is true that "An hour before 9 is worth 2 after 5". And since I mainly ride on L2, it feels great afterwards doing Kaitotsu(開凸: term for arriving at library at opening time)to keep pushing it on the academic side. Last year, I would do 4-3 hours L2 in the morning, but it was not sustaineable. I suffered it, so good that this time I can keep a balance. If I am not in a hurry for a deadline on any night, I feel like it's better to just sleep and wake up early next day.


Bike Dumbness is also another topic to point out. After training, there is this effect called bike dumbness, which you do not feel when riding but usually on the hours after you ride. It mostly depends on the intensity of the ride. Hence, after a hard session, the following post-ride hours you may feel weak, especially if you don't replenish carbs. I lost most of Saturday 6/03's hours due to this, and many other days before. It's been helpful for me to do other not so relatively difficult activities like laundry, dinner with friends, or just reading out of pleasure to keep oneself productive during those bike dumb hours. Either way, I found helpful to predict when this effect happens the hardest so to keep in mind what to do on those hours. In addition, to make it to class and actually pay attention, it's been helpful returning to my place 1~1.5h before a class, so I can take time to deal with this bike dumbness and redirect the focus towards class after the effect .

On a Month Recap side, 40.15h feels nice. Not the most specific training, but if I can sustain this, it shall be enough to keep myself in good shape.

Well, this is all. Wish you a productive next week!