Accumulated Fatigue and Lack of Sleep: Self-Organized Criticality? 05/22~05/28

Third week in a round on keeping up with the hours, though I had to make a last trip to Kamiyama at Sunday night to make my third week hour count. Happy to know I can keep this balance of hours without destroying my academic life completely.

On the other hand, as something that only happened a few times last week, I really fucked off on the sleep hours this week. Have you ever felt like feeling good for doing a good study session all night, but the not sleeping makes you suffer the next day being all unproductive and dumb? Yes, that is what happened to me from Thursday to Friday. And then on Saturday, and then on Sunday. Though I was sleeping too on those days, my schedule went off the border. I really need a good plan for the sleeping hours, but it is difficult as to control my energy levels. Such as when I want to study after training but I am physically tired, or when I want to train but I am mentally tired. This balance shit is hard. Respect for those who can really make it work.

Anyways, I shall keep this in mind. I think I can keep the hours but without the right nutrition or sleep hours, everything is just a pile of sand about to crumble (Just like August last year and last week). Time to study some self-organized criticallity maybe? Probably I had too much statistical mechanics this week.

On the nutrition point, I have been eating regularly for the last months not tracking my calories, so tecnically by feel, and maybe some excesses. Though, after including these training hours, I may have felt some weight dropping, but not any big drop. I may have to change and regulate better what I eat. I may build some endurance through training, but difficult to keep up being the only one with 10kg of fat as backpack. The new club members are light and strong, so I would like to keep up with them once they grow stronger, which of course they will!!